yes, that is britney spears, (who has sold more than 200 Million records, has six #1 albums, 2 diamond albums, has more than 400 awards, and is worth 200 million dollars) waiting in line to be served at starbucks wearing pyjamas

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i have found the most important facebook page

Giant Cat!!
Natalie Chettle lifts her mother’s Maine coon cat Rupert over her head. Nearly three years old, Rupert is already three times bigger than the average domestic cat and is expected to gain another 5kg in the next few years…
by Chris Scott/Newspix / Rex Features

Me and bubs

I feel like this picture is so important

I miss my boyfriend and i literally saw him less than 24 hours ago.  I feel like I’m getting even more attached and I don’t like it.. 

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